11 May 2014

Frugal Fabric Refresher Attempt #1 (or, a Frugal Febreze Fail?)

This post is really two-fold. It includes a recipe for homemade fabric refresher (a.k.a. "Febreze"), as well as a recipe for homemade fabric softener. One is used in the other, so it's a no-brainer to put them together in one place. (I've been wanting to make them both, ran out of Febreze first, and needed both to make it. Follow me?)

First up is the liquid fabric softener. I haven't been one to use it much in the past; have always been a dryer sheet girl. A few months ago, I switched to homemade dryer sheets. Been working beautifully, I might add. The "dryer sheet" does require diluted liquid fabric softener, though, so I now have a use for it. [Note: I'm sure to be writing about this in a future post, but if you can't wait -- Google it!]

The recipe is widely found on the 'net. Simply mix (stir, don't shake):
· 6 parts water
· 3 parts vinegar
· 2 parts conditioner
(in your favorite scent)

I must confess I haven't used it with my laundry, yet. But I know for a fact vinegar works for softening and static, so I'm confident in the recipe. My end goal was "frugal febreze", and I wasn't prepared with a large (empty) container, so my 1 part was equal to 1/4 cup. Here's a pinnable pic:

After that successful stirring, I moved on to the main objective.

Here's the most common recipe I came across when searching for "frugal febreze" -- mix together the following:

1/8 cup fabric softener
2 tablespoons baking soda
about 4 cups warm water
(I filled up my old generic Febreze bottle)

It's advised that you shake before each use.

I used this concoction immediately -- triumphantly sprayed it in an odorous place...and was disappointed.

To be clear, the mixture actually worked. The odor was gone (neutralized by the vinegar and baking soda, I think). But I want more fragrance. Is this extra good-smelly-ness necessary? Nope. The real stuff brainwashed spoiled me.

BTW, the fragrance chemicals are not good for us. So let me reiterate that this mixture is a good commercial fabric refresher replacement. The smelly issue is all mine.

What's my answer? I think it's going to be an essential oil. Will let ya know!

UPDATE: My thought was correct! I used some lavender essential oil from a sample pack I purchased -- maybe 4 to 5 drops? -- and my now fabulously frugal febreze is a new best friend!

Great place to find more timeless frugal tips:

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