03 May 2014

Turn Tomato Powder into Fresh Tomato Paste. Or Sauce. Or Juice.

So after yesterday's post, we all know how super simple it is to make tomato powder. Right?

Now, what do we do with tomato powder? Of course, it could be added into your cooking as is. It also could be incorporated into any pre-made dry mixes you might wish to make. (I have some "rice-a-roni" ones I'll share with you sometime.) Today, however, I'd like to show you how quickly and easily you can turn that powder into fresh tomato paste. Or sauce. Or juice. (You get the idea.)

In order to reconstitute your powder into paste or sauce, you just need to add a bit of water. Whether you want paste or sauce, it's all about the ratio. One part powder + one part water = paste.

And one part powder + three parts water = sauce!

Though I didn't make any juice, the recipe I have is 1 tsp. powder + 1/2 cup water. Of course, you are the chef, so the consistency of any of these is really up to you.

No more tomato paste tubes! Or, no more opening a can of either paste or sauce and only using half of it! No more added salt or chemicals! And the flavor of this is intensely * deliciously * tomato-y. (Like how I did that?) If you're lucky to be using tomatoes from your organically grown garden, there's the added benefit of no pesticides involved. Need I say more?

Here's a pinnable pic to sum things up.  Enjoy!

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