02 September 2014

Digitizing Photos: Combining the Front and Back into One Image

As mentioned in a recent post, I've been digitizing a lot of family history stuff of late. Even though this is something I've been slowly (ever. so. slowly.) working on for a while, I needed to get in gear and complete the task. I still have a ways to go, but am finally able to see progress.

For those of us that remember life before digital cameras, what are we to do with all the photos accumulated over the years? There are a lot of options, really. Physical albums and scrapbooks are still popular, of course, but they are just that. Physical. As in, they take up space. When trying to maximize a small living area, or even trying to declutter a larger one, having those things around that are only taken out and enjoyed once a year (or less!) might not be ideal.

Though there are sure to be some physical photographs we own that the thought of parting with gives us the shakes, let's face facts. There are probably a lot (as in, more than we care to admit) lying around that tossing would not be a detriment to our happiness.

For those instances, I've chosen to digitize and store in the cloud. Some stay on my computer hard drive, as well.

So! I thought it might be worth passing along this little tip I stumbled upon this morning. While I have no doubt this trick has been done over and over by other quicker thinkers, it was a light bulb moment for me. :-)

I was digitizing a few photos that also contained captions on the back. (Grandpa Lincecum did a pretty good job remembering to do that on most occasions. That in itself is a rare find!) I wanted to combine the front and back so as to have the caption -- in his writing -- stay with the front image. I simply used the Mosaic collage feature in Google's Picasa to do so with a couple of these, like this:

Well, one of the front-back collage attempts wasn't working the way I wanted. I guess it had something to do with the size of the photo. Anyway, I was playing with the collage settings, clicked on Multiple Exposure, and violĂ !

Pretty cool, huh? Don't forget to digitize the front by itself, so you still have that true image.

Got any tips for digitizing family photos and / or history artifacts?

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