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I've been struggling to write this page for quite a while. I've defined myself online with another interest for such a long time. That same interest still remains, but I'm having a hard time combining it with more. Maybe I shouldn't try?

I turned forty just over a year ago and (even prior to that milestone) increasingly felt the need to get closer to God and closer to nature. If you know me, you will find that hilariously funny (the nature part, anyway). My mother has lamented my "city girl" self for as long as I can remember. The fact that I have a garden amazes her, I know. And did I mention I am terrified of bees? Anyway, I digress. -- Those needs then snowballed into the desire to "homestead." What's different about me and my homestead, though, is that I have NO desire to own a bunch of land. And the chance of me ever going "off-grid" is slim to none (only because I won't use the word "never"). That's way more work than I want! :-)

What I do want, however, is to be as self-sufficient as possible in my surroundings, be as financially independent as possible, to retire from the rat race as young as possible, to put only good things in and on my body, and (as aforementioned) be as close to God and nature as humanly possible (for me).

I do have a goal of moving to the mountains, though at this moment that is a "in the Lord's good timing" goal. In the meanwhile, I aim to prepare myself to be ready when that time comes. I am minimizing and simplifying, I am pinching pennies til it hurts, and I am developing knowledge and skills that will serve me well when that particular blessing arrives.

I am also attempting to practice contentment and peace, no matter my surroundings and situation. If I can't be content here, I won't be content there. That much I know to be true.

My intention for this blog is to serve as a journal of successes, setbacks, and sticking-with-it moments in my journey to attaining all these goals. If it inspires you in some way or another to "get back to the basics" and harness the power of nature, then that will tickle me pink.

UPDATE! The good Lord has given us a plan, and we are doing our best to follow it. We have downsized all the way to a RV in the hopes of saving the money required to make "the move" to the mountains. It's not going to happen overnight, but I firmly believe we are on the right path.

I hope you will continue to follow along on the journey. Now, posts will also include ideas for camping (full-time?) and doing just about anything when short on space. ;-)

ANOTHER UPDATE! We. Have. Arrived! The situation isn't perfect, but we are putting one foot in front of the other. Still striving to do God's will, we are beginning our homestead in the mountains. I hope you'll continue to follow and see where He takes us.

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