03 June 2014

Dipping My Toe into the Pool of Essential Oils, Part II

The lavender is already gone!

Backing up for just a moment: a simple recap of yesterday's post is I bought the $40 wholesale membership kit of essential oils from Young Living. It was the least costly sample kit of therapeutic grade essential oils I found with a little research.

My first usage of an essential oil was in conjunction with my homemade fabric refresher (a.k.a. "frugal febreze"). The little sample packs have maybe four or five drops in them, so I put one of those packs in my bottle. It. Worked. Wonderfully. Even though my homemade concoction was doing the job of eliminating odors, I was missing the fragrance. Adding the lavender essential oil fixed that quick-like. And the resulting smell was a subtle, natural scent. Nothing harsh or chemical-y about it.  Score!

I next tried the peppermint essential oil in my diffuser.  It's nothing fancy -- a simple one I bought on sale a couple of years ago at Yankee Candle.  It has a concave top to hold your fragrance "tarts" or oil, and a spot underneath (accessible from behind) for a tea candle.

Peppermint is supposed to promote mental clarity, focus, and energy (as well as other things). So I diffused it in my office after lunch, when I often find it difficult to focus and stay awake. (A nap after lunch is always what my body wants!) Did it work? Though I wanted a miracle it didn't quite provide, I still say yes. My desire for a nap was not eradicated, but definitely diminished. I was able to focus and work at the computer until the post-lunch fatigue feeling passed altogether.

Next up is the Stress Away blend. The essential oils used to make up this blend are copaiba resin oil, lime rind oil, cedarwood bark oil, vanilla absolute oil, ocotea leaf oil, and lavender flower oil. What this blend should promote (in relation to stress, anyway) is breathing, relaxing, and calming. I used the roll-on and applied some to my wrists and the back of my neck, as suggested, after I snapped at my guy for no (apparent) reason. Was I under stress? Not really. It just occurred to me to try the blend after that incident. ;-)

I say it worked. Definitely with the breathing. And I found myself sticking my wrist to my nose to inhale it even more as the evening progressed. It has a nice, calming scent.  I'm wearing some right now!

And finally, the last of the lavender. Most of us know it's touted as relaxation aromatherapy and an often suggested use is in the bath. I did that, and it worked. 'Nuf said.

Wow! I thought I could fit all I wanted to say about my initial experience with essential oils in one two posts. Guess I was wrong, since I have just a bit more to say on the subject. I hope you'll join me again tomorrow.

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