09 March 2015

We Got Blinds! (How to Pimp Your Pop-Up #1)

When we first got Destiny, I started scouring the 'net for ideas on little cheap improvements I could make to spiff her up a bit. But the first idea was all my own (though I'm certainly not the first to have it): I wanted to treat the "windows" with blinds.

I chose to leave the curtains up just for added insulation, though it's obviously quite minimal. They also provide a nice pop of color behind (or beside) the blinds. I could have opted for colored blinds, but, well, they cost more so I didn't.

I think the blinds made a nice, inexpensive upgrade. It's a cleaner look inside and out. I also have more control over the light coming in, as well as how much someone (from the outside) can see. The black screens are neat in that you cannot see in from the outside at an angle. With the blinds, we are controlling what can be seen straight on. (I hope that makes sense.)

B simply attached the blinds to the same rail that holds the curtains.  (And I helped!)

Cool, huh? Do you have any camper hacks to share?

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