02 August 2014

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

Dateline: 31 July 2014 -- Today is the first day of the rest of my life... It's a cliché, I know. A well worn one at that.  I feel it, though.  I'm "officially" on the path of doing all I can to make my mountain (apartment?) homestead dream come true.  It's a gigantic leap of faith.  God, of course, will handle the rest.

You have to know me to know how huge this is. I don't do crazy. I'm a planner. I'm methodical. I'm safe.

Just a short time ago, though, "it" hit me. You know the idea that pops in your head. The one that you have no clue as to how it got there. The one that's a little totally out of character. Yet the more you think on it, the more you know (succeed or fail) you must give it a try.

She's a bit dirty, but she's ours.  Aptly named "Destiny".
Soon, when the current lease is up at my apartment, I won't be renewing. I'm giving crazy radical a try, instead. We are going to be staying in a RV park in order to slash our bills. The goal is to save at least six months worth of living expenses, then take the plunge. (Deep breath, now!) We are moving. to. the mountains.

[Insert singing, dancing, jumping up and down, and praising the Lord, here... When you're through with that, you will naturally insert a panicked shrill of "Oh, crap. What have I done? How is this ever going to work?"]

I hope you'll continue to follow along and laugh at support our journey. I can use all the well wishes, prayers, and advice I can get!

Have you ever done anything crazy or radical to achieve a dream goal?

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  1. It is a leap of faith but if you can see through the cramped corners and frugal living your dreams will come true! We sold our house in the city and lived in a 5th wheel for two years just so we could live in the country! Good for you!

    1. Thanks so much for the comment, Tracy. It's great to hear from someone on the "other side" of this part of the journey -- and to know it worked! :-)

  2. From one planner to another, I can feel your pain and excitement! We are making this same kind of leap of faith in September, when we will be moving from Oregon to Texas. Go where the Lord sends you...

    1. I really believe that's what we're doing, Shelle. Thanks for the commiseration! :-) Praying for and wishing us both a smooth move.

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    I absolutely love your story and the journey you are undertaking! Leaps of faith are hard but very rewarding. My husband and I are leaping too, but from state to state. We have our land in Texas but still living in California. So we understand the "leap"!! Apparently many other people understand too and love your story, you were the featured winner in The Simple Saturday Blog Hop this past week!! Congratulations...please stop on by and grab our featured button for your side bar and we really cant wait to see your entry this week as we follow along on your journey.


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