15 February 2017

Wild Onions and Mourning Doves

And Daffodils and Robins.

We seem to have reached the "in between" season.  You know the one that can aptly be referred to as late Winter, and equally so as early Spring.


I noticed a patch of Wild Onions, harvested some, and dried them for later use.  The pungent and earthy smell emanating from my dehydrator is a sure sign of early Spring.


We've also been blessed with the bright yellow beauty of the Daffodils blooming in yards all around town.  Like stars shining at night, pointing the way toward Spring.


Then there is the pairing of Mourning Doves.  They're the perfect "in-between" season bird to watch.  The mournful coo brings about a reflective Winter mood.  Yet the whistling of a pair in flight is a sure sound of Spring and a reminder of the babies that will soon come.


I was somewhat surprised to see a tree full of Robins just a day or two ago.  And that's not hyperbole.  Every branch, no matter how small, held one or more of those red-breasted birds.


On the other hand, I've also noticed not quite all the Mourning Doves have become part of a pair.  Hanging on to their independence as long as they can.  Maybe that's a sign we're not necessarily done with old Mr. Winter just yet.

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