08 June 2015

From That to This

Where do I begin? Well, how about with this: two weeks to the day after my Faith is the Substance of Things Hoped For post, our new (to us) rv was delivered. In less than a year, and less than three months into our "full-timer" life, we went from that -

...to this !

I must say:  God. Is. Good. Great!  We now have separate spaces! We have a kitchen space, a living space, a dining space, a shower and toilet space, and a sleeping space.  It's awesome! We have vented heating and air conditioning.  And we have the ability to be as self-contained as we want.  And we have an awning! Need I say more? :-)

We looked into tiny houses months ago.  And while this is not exactly the same thing, we see this as our very own tiny home. Some years from now, we hope to make another step into an ever. so. slightly. (slightly!) larger model -- but this is "it" for us. This is how we are meant to homestead. The goal is still to have a small piece of land where there is more room for gardening and small animal raising. That will surely come in God's good timing. [Pray boldly, people!]

As far as living arrangements are concerned, we are ready. And though the move is still some months away... Mountains, here we come!

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