28 February 2015

Phase Two Has Finally Begun

Our Quaint Little Spot
"Phase Two" is what I call it anyway. We are finally out of the apartment as of four days ago, and into the camper full-time.

In case you've forgotten (And I'm sure you have, since I haven't posted since last September!), we are working our plan to (1) move to the mountains, and (2) change careers.

This is just a brief post to let you know I'm back and will hopefully be posting regularly again soon. I've had so many thoughts recently I wanted to share, but held back due to the lack of time while trying to get through the holidays and purge and pack and clean and everything else that goes with moving.

A couple of things to throw out there in lieu of an in-depth post: First of all, I cannot believe (and am a wee bit ashamed) at all the unnecessary and (more importantly) unloved JUNK I carried in that 1,200 square foot apartment. I purged so-o much, yet still managed to fill a 10' x 15' x 8' storage space to. the. brim.

Second, I feel a bit guilty at the moment. Why? Because I am so very jealous of the folks around me in this RV park. Everyone (really. every. one.) has a bigger -- better? -- camper than us. I covet each one I lay eyes on! And what's maybe even worse, I get embarrassed when people look our way. I just know they are judging our worth by the size of our tiny camper.

Intellectually, I know that sentiment is flat silly. Most people likely aren't even giving us a second thought! Furthermore, I honestly believe I am smack in the middle of God's will for my life. So these feelings are not supposed to be within me, right? Yet here they are.

Have you ever had feelings of jealousy rise up within, even though you KNOW you are doing what is right for you?

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