28 September 2016

The Humble Apple Wedger & Corer

100_6880Apple season is in full swing in the mountains of north Georgia.  In fact, the Georgia Apple Festival (it's 45th year!) begins in less than two weeks.  I visited Mercier Orchards in Blue Ridge yesterday, and found people by the bus load carrying out apples by the bushel.  According to their website, varieties that include Golden and Red Delicious, Mutzu, Rome Beauty, and Granny Smith are currently available.

Personally, I'm anxious to get my first taste of Arkansas Black.  And I'm counting on some  fresh, sweet Fuji apples to go in the planned crock-pot apple butter.  Those should be coming available soon.

Here are a few landscapes of Mercier from about a month ago.  Very pretty place.  Can you imagine all the fruit and produce harvested?

Mercier and More

I've been told, if you do a lot of baking, cooking, and / or canning with apples, the peeler-slicer-corer is a must-have.  The cost doesn't seem prohibitive to me, but I don't consider myself enough of an apple professional to warrant such equipment at this time.

However! My apple wedger and corer thingamabob is useful and awesome.  I was surprised, first, at how heavy it was – not cheaply made at all – and second, the blades are sharp enough to require little muscle.


It's super easy to use, especially for turning your single apple into an 8-piece snack.  I even like it for prepping the apple for peeling, since I find it pretty simple to take a knife and peel each wedge.  And, of course, separating that core without waste.  Huge plus!



So where do you fall with apple preparation? Are your knife skills superb and no additional tool is necessary, are you a professional peeler-slicer-corer user, or do you (like me!) find the humble wedger and corer to be a simple, easy-to-use time saver?


Shout out to Georgia Grinders creamy peanut butter! All natural, hand crafted goodness.

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From my apple-ful mountaintop to yours!

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