19 August 2016

Closer to Nature for World Photo Day

100_7908A deer cautiously entered the clearing behind the RV.  And the wild mountain beauty took my breath away.  I moved as slow as I could, but didn't manage a picture before she calmly walked back into the woods.

It's probably not a big deal to many of you, but it's such a rare occurrence for me.  I should say, it was a rare occurrence.  Since we moved, I'm blessed to see so much more – and be closer to it all.  From the clouds in the sky that seem so much bigger and more dense.  To the bees on the white clover, the flexible plant bending under the weight of the insect.  To the myriad of birds that visit us each day.  To the rooster and turkeys I hear in the distance.  To the quick-footed rabbit, and the raccoon I can't ever catch in the act, but know he's there.  And, yes, even the snake that I hope will continue to maintain his distance.

I've missed more shots than I can count! Just the other day, I hurriedly got our rat terrier Kody inside from a walk.  I wanted to grab the camera and capture a view of the mountain as the sun went down.  I was in and back out in under a minute, I'm sure, but it was gone.  The sun had descended just a wee bit more, and the whole view was changed.

I love photography, though I am very much an amateur.  The large exhibit at the fair each October is a highlight for me.  I take my time wandering through all the cool "scenery." So here's my contribution to world photo day:  a few I've taken, and liked.




From my mountaintop to yours!

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