17 May 2016

You Want to Borrow My What? #Microblog

100_7557Uh oh.  You're about to see my selfish side.

What is something you'll never lend out to a friend? For me, that's easy.  My kindles.  Yep, plural.  And I still won't let ya borrow one.  (I told you it was selfish.) I was gifted one not long after they came out (thanks, again, Mom!), and then I purchased a kindle fire for myself.  Both of these gadgets are pretty old by today's standards, actually.

To be truthful, I rarely turn on the original kindle.  But when I got an email from Amazon telling me I had to upgrade, or it would be defunct, I cranked that baby up and got it done.  I love knowing it's there, as a backup, if I "need" it.

I'm trying to figure out why these two are so important to me, and I cannot think of a single "acceptable" answer! They are great for reading, of course.  And the fire is a tablet I can do just about anything on, for sure, so productivity is there.  What I do know is if either were broken or lost, I'd be devastated.  So please don't ask to borrow my kindles.

The third little tech gadget in the photo is my iTouch.  I'm slightly better when dealing with the thought of lending that out, but really I'd rather not.  (How selfish!)

Winking smile

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  1. I'm with you, Stephanie. My Kindle is off limits for lending, too! Back in the day when I read ACTUAL books I would lend them, but only to very particular people. However, as far as Kindles go there is no such thing as "very particular" people. :D

  2. Replies
    1. The basic kindle is an e-reader. You can put tons of books on it, so they are digital and you don't have to have them physically. The kindle fire is more of a tablet computer. You can still use it for books, of course, but with it you can also add apps and easily get on and around the web. (You could get on the web with the first kindle, but it wasn't pretty.) Love my kindles. ;-)

  3. I got into computers at an early age, nowdays, I have my android phone and real touchable books. The tablets do nothing but gather dust


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