06 May 2016

The Oldest Youngest Woman (a Mother's Day #Microblog)

AmazonCloudDriveDownload-001"Who is the oldest person you personally know?" For me, that's fairly easy.  My grandmother.  We call her Ma.  She is almost 86 1/2 years old young.  There is no stopping this woman! Even though, to be truthful, her body doesn't allow her to do everything she wants to do.  Nonetheless, she is a very capable and determined woman.  Yes.  One will never question that determination.  Woe be unto you, if you dare.

We lost Grandpa a little while back, and a hefty chunk of Ma went with him.  But she still will greet you with a hug full of love and a wry smile.  Though she in some ways questions why she's still here, she doesn't shy away from imparting experienced wisdom or cracking a joke, or even ranting about some of the wrong in the world.  I know her presence has a purpose, even if she doesn't.



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Happy Mother's Day from my mountaintop to yours!


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