18 May 2016

Slow Garden (Newbie Diary) and a Smile

100_7469So.  Starting seeds early didn't go so hot.  Despite some great suggestions from some awesome folks, I just wasn't able (I think) to regulate the temperature well enough to get 'em going.  For those of you that don't know -- I'm living in a RV, and have exactly one large picture window to use.

Even though that didn't work out, I'm pressing forward.  The last frost date for my area was the end of April, so I "direct sowed" umpteen seeds in containers the first part of May.  Then we had a night or two with temperatures in the 30's.  And since then several nights in the 40's, averaging 10+ degrees lower than normal.

And it's been raining.  Like a lot.  It rained for five days after I got everything planted.  I don't know the amount in inches, but I can tell you it has rained 9 of the 18 days this month.  Yep, I've kept track.  And more is on the way.  Good chance tomorrow, and 100% chance Friday and Saturday.

I think this is why less than half of my seeds have sprouted.  Am I right? I'm trying to be patient, but at what point do I say the seeds drowned or washed away? Oy vey.

I'm (purposefully) not using chemical laden commercial products for anything.  Might make things even harder, I know.

There are some babies moving, though.  Here are cherry tomatoes, rainbow swiss chard, organic garlic, and russet potatoes.


…calendula, heirloom crookneck squash (a transplant), and strawberry popping corn.


And now for a smile.  I'm used to seeing plenty of animals at flea markets.  Usually puppies, kittens, hamsters, more small pets, and maybe even baby chicks.  I've never seen a big ol' turkey struttin' his stuff, though. Saw one the other day -- along with an "attack" rooster, btw – and had to take a picture.  Hope it makes you smile, too.


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  1. Yep, the turkey made me smile. A few weeks ago a big wild Tom turkey passed in front of my car. After it was safety past I drove past him. The car must have startled him because he turned towards me and puffed up to his larger than life size. I hope your plants thrive.

    1. They sure can fluff themselves up! Thanks, Trent, for stopping by.


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