06 November 2015

Reconnect with Your Food!

Most of us are so disconnected from the food we eat. We have no idea where it comes from, or how far it traveled to get to the store we "pick" it from. And don't get me started about what's in it, or what it's really made of. I'm proud of the strides I have made in the opposite direction, yet I still have much to learn and work to do. Imagine! Just two generations ago, and I dare say that applies for most of us, our families were completely connected to what they put in their bodies for sustenance.

Just take a look at these adorable photos of my father and his grandparents. He was about three years old in the mid 1950s. I'll bet those chickens were not filled with hormones, and that raw milk was not considered taboo!

Learn where your food comes from!

Shared at Simply Natural Saturdays and Weekend Linkup.

1 comment:

  1. What beautiful, precious pictures. Never saw any like that. I still remember one of my grannies wringing a chicken's neck and my grandfather milking. No pictures. These are real treasures.


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