05 March 2015

Slow and Deliberate

That's how I'm trying to live. Slow and Deliberate.

Truthfully, that's how I've wanted to live for quite some time. Years, in fact. And at times I thought I was doing a pretty good job. This downsizing decision which includes an eventual move and career change has thrust the fact that, no matter what I "thought", I have not been living that way. (Or at the very least have many more miles to go!)

We are only a couple weeks into our "full-time" camper living, and I can see changes within being implemented. I can also see where I need to improve.

While I don't think I'm the most graceful thing on the planet, I've never considered myself clumsy. Being in these close quarters, however, I've decided that I am a bull in a china shop! In order to not knock fourteen things hither and thither when opening the refrigerator, I should slow down and make only deliberate moves. Really. Seems like a no-brainer, I know. But I'm truly having to teach myself this (now) required skill. I'm happy with the progress made, but still find frustration gurgling to the surface whenever I have to contort my body to reach something in a tight space. Still, I'm confident better days are ahead for the deliberate part.

The main issue I need to overcome, in my self-diagnosing humble opinion, just requires a bit of an attitude adjustment. That's it. A simple undertaking for some. For me, it's much easier typed than done. The SLOW part is getting to me. Why can't I sloooow dooown? Sometimes it seems I am in a constant state of thinking concentrating on what "needs" to be done (as in, the future, whether it's 5 minutes, 5 days, or 5 years from now), instead of calmly (slowly) dealing with what is necessary at. the. moment. Right now. That, my friends, is an unbelievably difficult task for me.

On the rare occasions I am able to succeed at the concentrating on what is directly in front of me part, I find myself enjoying (or peacefully tolerating) even the most mundane or un-fun chores. I usually recognize when I've achieved the goal, too, by wondering why I'm unable to do it all the time!

My personal mission statement includes the phrase "to be present." Striving to be slow and deliberate will certainly help with that.

Have any tips for me? How do you slow down and be present for life?

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