18 March 2015

Light Your Entryway with Solar Power (Pimp Your Pop-Up #3)

OK. This one is short, sweet, simple -- and cheap! As in, less than $2 cheap.

Some campers have a "porch light" by the entryway, but mine does not. So I went to Wal-Mart and bought two solar lights at 97¢ a piece. Once we got home, I placed one on each side of our step into the camper and let the sun go to work. Each light comes attached to a stake, so putting them in the ground was a cinch.

Here they are.

An added bonus is you don't have to remember to flip a switch!

That's all for this series, at the moment. If we do any more improvements, I'll be sure to share. Feel free to comment with any camper upgrades you'd like to offer. I'd love some inspiration! :-)


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