30 September 2014

Spice Sale at Olive Nation

I'm always on the lookout for high-quality ingredients at a fair price. And when I can get them cheaper than fair -- well -- outta my way, sister friend! (Heh, Heh. Don't worry, I won't run anybody over -- there's room for everyone to save.)

I use Olive Nation as my source for vanilla beans when making my alcohol-free homemade vanilla extract. Since they are having a spice sale (save 20% with coupon code SPICE20) through October 6th, I'm adding a couple of those to my list: cinnamon and five peppercorn mix.

The cinnamon at $3.85 for 6 oz. is a good price all on its own. With the sale, you can save 77¢. It has more flavor and a stronger smell than the grocery store stuff, to be sure. It would be delicious in recipes where cinnamon is a key ingredient, like Quick and Simple Cinnamon Bread and Spiced Zucchini Batter Bread.

That same coupon code (SPICE20) can also get you 20% off of dried chile peppers, sea salts, and seasoning mixes. And don't forget code FREESHIP for free shipping on orders over $50. You can't use it in conjunction with the SPICE20 code though, so use the one that gives you the best deal!

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a very small commission if you click the link and buy something. This helps support my mountain homestead dream as well as my blogging activities, and the price you pay will be no different than if you arrived at the same destination through any other link. My opinions are my own, to be sure. If I link to a product and say I like it -- I truly like it! :-) Thanks for reading and following Stephlin's Mountain.

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