17 September 2014

A Most Famous Corn Salad

I'm usually not one to "follow the crowd", but - boy howdy! - did I jump on a bandwagon this time.

I think it was at our family Mother's Day celebration (or was it Easter?) this year that I first had the famous corn salad. Mom brought it to our potluck event. One bite, and I was hooked immediately.

Friendly reconnaissance provided me with the knowledge that this was, in fact, Paula Deen's recipe for corn salad. Funny thing, though, is I cannot find it from the horse's mouth. Partake in a simple round of googling, and you'll find this recipe everywhere. Really. Every. Where. I went as far as page 5 of the Gooooo-gle results, yet was not able to find an "original" Paula Deen connection. I also own three of her cookbooks. Not in them, either. The best I could get online was Paula's Colorful Corn Salad, but it's not exactly the same.

I can tell you, again based on search results, this recipe has been online since at least 2007. How it escaped my notice for 7 years, I do not know. The procedure is crazy simple: 5 ingredients go into a bowl. Mix, then chill. The directions I saw called for canned corn. I used frozen. Of course, fresh would be optimum.

2 bags frozen corn (thawed & drained) + 2 cups grated cheddar cheese + 1 cup mayo +
1/2 cup chopped red onion + 1 cup chopped green pepper

After the mixture is chilled, and right before serving, add in a bag of
crushed chili cheese flavored corn chips (abt 10 oz.).

While I wouldn't dare call it a healthy side dish, it sure is delicious. The crunch of the chips add something extra to the lightness and, believe it or not, freshness of the corn mixture. Personally, I could eat the corn mixture all by itself. Just add a little salt and heat. No chips required. (My humble opinion.) That might make it a bit better for you.

We served this beside some tasty catfish tacos last night for dinner. Then I ate some with lunch today. Then I ate some more with tonight's dinner... um, I kinda like it.

To satisfy my own curiosity, if you know when and/or where Paula first published this wonderful concoction -- do tell!

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  1. Rode by Paula's place in savannah a good while back coming back from Hilton head. A line a mile long. It may take years to get thru all these posts. s


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