12 August 2014

Keys, Bees, & Cleaning Camper Canvas

Things have been a bit busy around here since the last time I wrote about our big news of a plan to move to the mountains. Though B has been working on the camper here and there, I haven't done too much other than get the title and tag. But that changed this morning when we went out to clean the canvas. It was surprisingly simple!

Instead of going straight there, though, I would like to give you a synopsis of my morning.  It might make you giggle, as well as know you're not alone in having "one of those" mornings.

We were up with the sun so we could get the canvas cleaning done before the heat became unbearable. So out and ready go about 7:30. Upon getting out of the car, I made sure to get my phone and camera. After I locked and shut the doors, I quickly (but obviously not quickly enough) realized my keys were still in the ignition. Great. Well, at least I have roadside assistance. Unfortunately, B and the dog couldn't get started with the camper because the key to the storage area was with my car keys. In the ignition. Yep.

Roadside assistance was called and help should have arrived in about 45 minutes. Should have. More than an hour passes and nothing. Finally, I'm back on the phone with roadside assistance -- on hold. By this time (yay!) B and the dog have made it inside the storage area thanks to our wonderful maintenance guy.

I'm on hold, pacing back and forth, getting a bit agitated, for over 30 minutes! About this time, I notice my dog Bear thrashing about where he's tied to a tree in the corner of the storage lot. I (fairly calmly) walk over to see what his problem is to find a bumble bee going after his butt -- literally. It lands (and presumably stings) and Bear is trying to fend it off. I, deathly afraid of anything that stings, prove my love for my child puppy by heading in and trying to get the stinging sucker away. Of course, I'm hollering for B to come help. He does, and after much dashing and swatting, Bear and I were rescued. Apparently Bear dug up a bumble bee hole under aforementioned tree. We were lucky (blessed!) only one nasty stinger was aggressive.

After this bumbling scene (heh, heh) -- still on hold with roadside assistance -- I finally get a contact call from the people supposedly coming to get my keys out of the car. They arrive, my keys are freed, and I am finally able to get started cleaning the canvas on the camper. Two. Hours. Later. Than. Planned.

Now that you've had a good laugh, let me share how surprisingly simple it was to clean some canvas! I was a little apprehensive after reading a bit about what harsh chemicals might do to said canvas (NEVER use bleach!) -- after all, this will be our home for a slightly indeterminate amount of time. -- So all we got was a mild dish liquid, and it did the trick! We didn't apply it directly to the canvas, but instead to a scrubby sponge (nothing too harsh) and went to work in sections, wetting before and rinsing after (it's important not to leave any residue on the canvas). Here are some before and after pictures.

Not too shabby, eh? I'm pleased with the results, and we can check this task off our (super long) to-do list.

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  1. Nothing like perseverance! It looks so much better. My, what a little bit of elbow grease will do, huh? Thanks for joining us on this week's Maple Hill Hop!

  2. Thanks for sharing your adventure with us at the Teach Me Tuesday Linky Party:)

  3. Love this! Pinned. It is always a pleasure to have you be a part of our party! Please join us tonight at 7 pm. http://loulougirls.blogspot.com
    Happy Monday! Lou Lou Girls


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