07 June 2014

Turning a Closet into a Drying Room

I'm trying to lower my electric bill. [Who isn't, these days?] One way I'm going about it is by reminding myself that my clothes dryer is a luxury and not a necessity.

So I bought a drying rack. With the intention of placing it outside on pretty days, and using it inside on not-so-pretty days. And I failed miserably. The habit never caught on, at all. Likely for a couple of reasons: the darn thing is just too small, even for only two adults; and there's not enough room in my laundry area for it to stay up for any length of time without it being in the way.

Truthfully, I dream of a clothesline. But I live in an apartment complex, and it explicitly says in my lease that I am not to have one across my patio. I don't blame them; that's a policy I don't disagree with.

I've read different articles online about rigging one up inside, but really wasn't high on the idea.

Fast forward to when I started cleaning out one of my closets. I got rid of anything in there that I didn't love or need. It was very liberating, I must say. When I was done, marveling at all the "new" space, it hit me. Why can't I make this into a drying room?

The walk-in closets in my apartment are really nice. One side has a mid-high shelf and a high shelf. Each one has a place for hanging below. The other side has a sorta high shelf, also with a place for hanging below.

You get the idea.

My drying rack now has a permanent home in the "new drying room", and anything that doesn't fit on it is hung up.

I still use the clothes dryer for a few things.  My work uniform, for example, goes in due to lint issues.  We've cut our use of the machine for which I have a love / hate relationship way down, for sure.  Hopefully it translates into a lower electric bill!

Tell me! Do you consider your clothes dryer to be a luxury or a necessity? Do you have any other ingenious ways to get by without it?

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  1. My friend dries clothes in a set up like this in the barn year round. Hello from Freedom Fridays.

    1. Yet another use for a barn... My grandmother has a "utility room" at one end of her carport that houses her washer, dryer, chest freezer, and other odds and ends. I've seen her set stuff out to dry in there, and always thought I'd love to have a room like that!


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