04 June 2014

Dipping My Toe into the Pool of Essential Oils, Part III

So. After all I've had to say about my rookie experience with essential oils (and specifically those from Young Living) here and here, will I continue to use essential oils and/or do business with Young Living?

The short answer is yes.

I know I will continue to use essential oils. Though I don't have a grand testimony about oils healing a wound or curing an illness, I still believe they are a valuable medicinal asset to my home. They will definitely be incorporated into all homemade cleaning supplies. And my diffuser will get a work-out, I'm sure.  Applying them to my skin in a responsible manner will likely follow suit.

How about Young Living essential oils specifically? I do plan to continue purchasing from them. I don't expect to use them exclusive to other companies, however. I don't think "therapeutic grade" oils are necessary in my cleaning supplies, for example. I will likely go the least expensive route on those.

I have heard good things about Native American Nutritionals, and plan to give them a shot for therapeutic grade oils. In fact, when comparing prices between them and Young Living, Native American Nutritionals came out ahead (even with Young Living's discount). I have also had good experiences with Now Foods products, and they have essential oils. I purchase Now Foods products through iHerb. I also plan to try Mountain Rose Herbs.

Please allow me to back up for just a moment. I am aware that some believe the phrase "therapeutic grade" means nothing. And I really cannot argue with that since it's not recognized by the FDA or any official governing body in the USA (according to what I've read). However, to be blunt, I don't trust the FDA anyway. Therefore, I'll make my own decisions about what goes in and on my body using information available to me. I honestly hope everyone does the same.

As for the business side of Young Living, I don't see myself aggressively trying to recruit a downline. Having said that, there is a link to their sign-up page in my sidebar. I will continue to provide my honest opinion about their oils, and if someone decides to join under me -- great!

Bottom line is I am learning how to use these oils to figure out to what extent they benefit me. If the honest, opinionated results of my uses and experiments shared here help others (you!) make a better, more informed decision about the use of essential oils in the home, then one of the many intentions of this blog will be fulfilled. And that makes me happy!

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  1. Thank you for coming by the Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop and linking up your post on Essential Oils...I do enjoy mine and love finding new ways to use them! Have a wonderful rest of your week! Shari

  2. Great post! I love essential oils! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures


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