02 June 2014

Dipping My Toe into the Pool of Essential Oils, Part I

One thing, for as long as memory serves, I have believed is the cure for anything and everything is found in nature. I believe God put us on this good Earth with all the provisions we would ever need.

Have I lived by that principal?

Absolutely not.

Only fairly recently have I begun to try and put that belief to the test -- make it a principal I do my best to live by. (Probably something to do with turning 40.) What took me so long? Frankly, I don't know. It's easier to follow the herd, I guess.

Enter essential oils.  (Click here for a definition.) While conducting research on where to purchase essential oils, I was overwhelmed with information -- some of it quite confusing. There are several places from which you can buy essential oils, of course, but there seem to be a couple of powerhouses: Young Living and doTerra.

Without getting too involved in something I know relatively little about, this is how it appears to me: doTerra is an off-shoot of Young Living. The founder of Young Living is the one that helped develop the testing for and coined the phrase "therapeutic grade", and there seems to be a bit of not-so-nice competition between the members of each of the companies. I'm sure the vast majority of members play nice, but I saw some comments on blog posts that proved otherwise for some. Members are compensated through other members that sign up under them. While it is a multi-level marketing system, I would not deem it a scam.

Having said all that, I have been looking for an essential oil kit or sample package to get me started. I didn't like the idea of putting down a good bit of change for just one bottle of therapeutic grade essential oil. I wanted to try different ones and get an overview for myself.

I bothered with the therapeutic grade because I wanted to see, feel, smell, and even taste the oils. I found out early on in research that the "cheaper" oils you can buy are not for internal use, and they say so right on the bottle. Seems to me they should not be able to claim to be "pure", but they do.

After looking around a bit (specifically browsing kits at Young Living, doTerra, and Native American Nutritionals), I settled on the $40 kit from Young Living.  (Yes, cost was a factor.) I also signed up to be a wholesale member.  There was no additional charge, and this will allow me a 24% discount on future purchases if I decide to continue doing business with them.

$40 kit I received from Young Living.

The kit came with a good bit of literature about essential oils and the company, a 5 ml bottle of Stress Away blend (I'm assuming this is a popular product), a roll on adapter, and a couple of dietary supplements called Ningxia Red. The part of the kit I was most interested in are pictured at right. There are 10 sample packs of 5 different products. Lavender, peppermint, and lemon are the single oils. Thieves and Peace and Calming are two additional blends.  (You might notice two are already missing!)

Hmmm... This post has become a bit long-winded, so I will make my beginning experience with essential oils a "two-parter".  Tomorrow, I'll fill you in on how I've used the oils thus far.

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