31 May 2014

Georgia Grown Showcase at the Farmers Market

Just a few hours ago, I was at the farmers market. Today was a Georgia Grown showcase. Growers, crafters, and vendors from all over the state were there to offer their wares. We saw the traditional fruits and vegetables, oils of every kind, meats, flowers and flours, coffee, honeys galore, soaps, and more. Everything looked and smelled so delicious! Just about every booth had samples.  We settled on a few pounds of squash and a 1/2 a peck of peaches. (Oh. And a rich, buttery peach fritter we already ate.) Planning on some squash and onions with dinner tonight, and a peach cobbler just came out of the oven for dessert!

This was the first of four stops for the showcase.  Next up is Savannah on June 14th.

Have you been to the farmers market yet this season? What did ya get?

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