26 May 2014

Cantaloupe Honey Jam -- A Must Try

I can't resist sharing my latest deliciousness -- Cantaloupe. Jam.  I told you! Deliciousness.

I found it at Martine Holston's blog, and she cited Food in Jars.

The ingredients are cantaloupe, sugar, vanilla bean (I used my homemade pure vanilla extract), fresh lemon zest and juice, and liquid pectin. All combine to make a sweetness I never could have imagined.

My guy said it's like fruit infused honey. Oh. So. Yummy.

I do recommend using pure vanilla, though. I can't imagine the taste being remotely as good with imitation.

I'm glad I now have cantaloupe jam in my cupboard! (Simply process in a water bath for ten minutes.) Again, the recipe can be found at Martine's blog or in Marisa's book. Both are linked above.  Try it and tell me what you think!

Shared at Natural Living Monday and Homemade Mondays.

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