24 April 2014

The Strawberries are Coming!

In late February, I purchased 10 Evie Everbearing Strawberry Bare Root Plants. I received thirteen from Hirt's Gardens, and had them planted by the first of March. (This was my first time buying from the 99-year-old establishment, but I heard they sometimes threw in a few extra.) Though I can tell you they had nice roots, I have no idea the actual age of these plants.

Everything I read said I should pinch off the flowers when they appear to help the plant put all its energy into green growth. I sort of did that. ;-) I'm just too anxious to have strawberries! To taste a strawberry that I grew. Ya know what I mean? You get it, I'm sure.

So those flowers that were too pretty to pinch, and those berries that looked too healthy to just discard in the wind have stayed on my plants. And though I fully expect a tiny crop this year, I can at least say I have real, red, pesticide free (since I've had them), already delicious looking strawberries on my horizon.

I can't wait to taste my first one!

I'm salivating already.  What are you anticipating in YOUR garden this year?

Shared at Green Thumb Thursday.

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  1. Wow, ours are not anywhere near that stage yet. It looks good!.... So glad it is spring and time for the garden to grow. :) Thank you for posting this.

  2. Thank you for sharing this on Green Thumb Thursday! I pinned it to our hop board and shared it via Twitter and FB. See you on Thursday!


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