03 April 2014

Blueberries Complete the Garden

Even though the calendar just turned to April, I was already lamenting the fact I failed to get a blueberry bush to plant in my container garden this year. I planned to get one (or more), but what I wanted to order online has yet to become available. Then fate took over.

I walked into Aldi's this morning with the intention of buying a single cantaloupe for jam, and some sugar. And maybe some pasta sauce. That's it. Then, lo and behold, they had blueberry plants. And seated right next to those beauties were 20 lb bags of organic soil for $2.99. Yep, just $2.99. Knowing I had a large bucket in the shed at home, I felt it was destiny. I was supposed to buy a blueberry plant.

Here's an overview of the bulk of the garden --

We have chives, dill, garlic, cayenne peppers, cucumber (pickling variety), cherry tomatoes, strawberries, and the latest addition of blueberries.  Not pictured are three more pots of strawberries and a calamondin orange tree.  I also have a few varieties of cactus, including aloe, growing in another corner.  Not bad for a city apartment, eh?

I'm pretty sure the chives are dead, though.  They are in that small red pot in the very back, all the way to the left.  The seeds were planted at the same time as the dill and peppers, which have nice growth.  I don't know what I did wrong.  I didn't start any of my seeds indoors well before Spring, like I should have.  Maybe that's why the chives never sprouted.  I will definitely plan better next year.  I feel a little behind because of that oversight.

Back to the blueberries.  Any tips? I read you should have at least two plants for pollination, and I read these Jersey ones are self-pollinating.  I read the pH of the soil has to be just right, and I read these Jersey ones will grow well in just about any soil.  See where I'm heading? Guess I'll continue to wing it, since that's what I'm already doing with the rest of the garden! :-)

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