21 March 2014

Sippin' Some Shrub

Finishing the shrub we started yesterday...

Some people say to strain your shrub through a coffee filter or cheese cloth and remove all the fruit pieces and residue. To me, that is a waste of some tasty fruit. Conversely, I processed my shrub (whole strawberries and all) in a water bath for a total of 15 minutes. Now I have a couple of pints for later.

One of the reasons I became enamored with the idea of making the shrub was the thought of "strawberry soda." I gifted myself a SodaStream earlier this year. (Scored it for $20 with an Amazon Lightning Deal!) So carbonated beverages are a breeze, and adding the shrub to my repertoire was very appealing.

I must say it did not disappoint! The sweet and sour combination is quite delicious.  I found myself adding more and more shrub to my soda water.  :-)

You have total control over how much shrub goes into the water (or any other beverage of choice), so add just a little if that's what you desire. Or, you might be like me and desire a lot. I like adding a whole strawberry, too. Kind of like drinking a cherry coke from Sonic and looking forward to that single stem delicacy after you've slurped your way to the bottom of the cup!

Two thumbs up for strawberry shrub!

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