22 March 2014

Don't Forget Beauty Surrounds You

Though I hope to one day live closer to the mountains, don't think for a second I forget the beauty that surrounds my current "homestead." Yeah.  Right.  That's probably a lie.  It's more likely sometimes I do forget. But I guess that happens to all of us from time to time.

One of the beautiful things God has graced my environment with is the Bradford Pear tree. It lines our driveways, fence lines, and courtyards. The past few days, every time I enter the complex, I've been reminded of how fleeting the blooms are. It looks like fresh, powdery snow has fallen just for us! And the dainty white petals are being replaced with vibrant green leaves.

Though we sometimes wistfully dream of different, better places and spaces, we shouldn't forget to appreciate what God has gently, beautifully placed right in front of us.

(Shared at the Homestead Barn Hop and Themed Blog & Shop Hop.)


  1. What a beautiful tree & amazing pictures! Thanks for linking this wonderful post up to my “Themed Blog & Shop Hop!” http://www.godsgrowinggarden.com/2014/09/themed-blog-shop-hop-trees-colors-brown.html


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