20 March 2014

A Simple, Short (and Sweet?) Welcome

Welcome to my new blog!

If you are familiar with my other blogs, you will notice this is a slight departure from genealogy and cemeteries. (There will likely be a bit of history included from time to time, though!)

When I turned 40 -- yes, I'm trying to own it -- I (suddenly?) became acutely aware of all the chemicals I was putting in my body. No, nothing illegal. I'm talking about the chemicals in the grocery-store-bought food most of us buy.

Couple that with a desire to try minimalist living (at my personal comfort level, to be sure), and a hope to one day live in the mountains. Can you guess what happened? Yep. A wannabe homesteader was born.

Come along and share my triumphs, failures, progress, and backslides. Maybe I'm sure you'll laugh. Maybe you'll be inspired.

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